Generally, the facilities of the school are for the use of the academic community in pursuit of the school’s educational objective.

Only enrolled students, recognized clubs/school organizations and the facultymay request authorization for the use of facilities from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) or from the academic heads. The following steps are to be followed to avail the use of the school facilities: 

  1. A letter of request indicating the activity and facility to be used must be submitted to the OSA Headfor approvalday prior to the target activity date.
  2. If the activity is approved, the Teacher/OSA Headhas to bring the approved letter to the physical plant office for the reservation form.
  3. The form must be signed by the Teacher/OSA Head and noted by the academic head foracademic concerns and theOSA Head for non- academicmatters.



Thisis a place for assembly, socialization, and recreation. Hence, courtesy and politeness at all times is expected from everyone. Keep it clean at all times. Eating/Drinking is prohibited here.



The Robotics Laboratory is the main venue for the instruction of  Robotics where our students are being taught to perform real-world application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)through robot programming. Students will be given lessons in assembling robotics parts, writing programs from the computer and downloading into the robot, thereby animating the robot to perform activities programmed by the user.



The library is a place where serious study and research is done.  For this reason, silence should be strictly observed.

Conversations, group discussions and similar activities must be avoided inside the library. Should the library be used for an important activity, the class should be accompanied by a teacher.   

Students are expected to follow regular procedures for borrowing books and other library materials and to use them with respect and proper care. To facilitate wider access to books and references, borrowed materials must be returned on time.



Each student can apply for a lockersubject to a minimum annual fee. Once the application is approved, the student should surrender a duplicate key to the Office of Student Affairs Officer. He/She should solely use and is responsible for the assigned locker for the whole school year. Any student caught using lockers which are not officially assigned to them will be sanctioned.



This resource center provides students to showcase their talents and potentials in performing arts.  The mini-theater may also be utilized for general assemblies, orientations, trainings and seminars.



The music hall (socio-cultural center) is one of the newest facilities of the new administration building. It is equipped with full light and sound equipment for maximum audio-and visual performance. It can be utilized for recitals, assemblies, orientations, and programs such as the Literary Festival and Recognition ceremonies.



The music rooms situated beside the Robotics Laboratory is equipped with cubicles where students can learn music lessonsindividually. Students can enrol in the music class offerings of Light Symphony Music School, such as guitar, strings, drums, voice, and saxophone.



Faith formation is a very important task that HHIS, though a non- sectarian school, take seriously as it develops students as witnesses of God’s goodness. Students are expected to grow in reverence to their practice of faith.



The school provides a cafeteria to cater to the needs for food and drinks of the entire school community.  Students are asked to maintain the atmosphere of cleanliness, order and respect in this place.



The Bookstore and Stuff Shop serves to provide parents and students the needed books and leisure books at very reasonableprices. There are likewise other school items such as notebooks, ballpens, pencils, and other school supplies which can be bought at the extension shop  beside the Primary Building so students need not go outside the school to buy them.

The proper and correct uniform for all grade and year levels are also available and can be bought earlier so all students can wear their proper uniforms at the start of the classes. Beautiful products and gift items are available at affordable prices as well.