The Holy Scripture is open at the center, signifying that the Harrellian community strives to live each day according to the teachingsof God. It is a constant reminderthat the whole community has a special mission to nurture one’s knowledge in constant reference to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. On it also lies the blue color, a dignified colorthat symbolizes the pursuit of academic excellence nurtured by the heavenly grace and dedicated service.



The Harrellian community strives to inculcate oneach individual students to love God above all things. In doing so, all activities directed to love oneself, one’s neighbors, and finally to God, are given focus.  It emphasizes also that any member of the community has no love to give if he/she is not mindful of his/her own unique ways in expressing and doing it.



It signifies that the schoolbrings joy to others because it finds goodness and valuable lessons in it. As a community, quality service is given which brings excellence ina person. With all the love and service a Harrellian gives to everyone in the community, the Philippines, and abroad, he/she transforms himself/herself to a person who possesses great wisdom in constant reference to the Divine Providence. To put it in direct manner, the Harrell Horne Integrated School is a service-oriented school of learning.



Within the circular shape lie three mountains with the rising sun, and on the right side are God’spreciouscreation - the man and the woman. HHIS envisions producing graduates who will be shining armorsto help our country, Philippines,be alleviatedfrom poverty and the slavery of ignorance contrary to the ‘learned myth’ that only the “privilege” can have an access to quality education. AHarrellian gives shining grace to everyone as he encounters every person as a gift, neither as means nor simply a commodity, but as a Gift and a Blessing for Growth.



A series of curves is adopted for the rim to form a scallop which serves as an ornament of the school logo.



The combination of the color blue and yellow symbolizesoptimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Golden Yellow will advance from surrounding colors and instill optimism and energy, as well as spark creative thoughts.

On the other hand, the color blue represents the dignified color of the school which embraces the idea of well-equipped citizens who value their existence to excelin life. As part of the official color of the school, it is seen as a symbol for beingtrustworthy, dependable and committed asthe school is devotedto pursue and put into life its vision and mission. A Harrellian profile perceives these symbols as constant variables in nurturing the values to become a responsible citizen in the country through proper quality education.