We, the Harrell Horne Integrated School, a learning institution centered on the Word of God, envision a holistically-developed community in pursuit of academic excellence and promotion of healthy environment for the love of humanity.



Harrell Horne Integrated School, being a learning institution centered on the Word of God, we will incarnate the philosophy of Professor Herman Harrell Horne that the total formation of man can be achieved through Gospel-based education in order to strengthen the learner’s spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectial pursuits and development.


  • Use Biblical principles as the foundation of our pedagogical practice;
  • Engage learners through challenging and meaningful scholastic and extra-curricular programs with the aid of technology;
  • Develop confident and motivated learners;
  • Empower learners to apply their unique God-given talents and knowledge;
  • Maximize the learner’s ability to think critically to survive and adjust in the fast-changing society;
  • Train learners to utilize, protect, preserve, and acknowledge all the natural resources as God’s gift to mankind.