1. FAITH- A Harrellian has a strong belief and trust in God.
  2. SERVICE- A Harrellian goes the extra mile for work.
  3. EXCELLENCE- A Harrellian’s work is the hallmark of commitment and hard work, thus quality output is produced.
  4. COURAGE- A Harrellian is always ready to face the demands and complexities of the global community and life’schallenges.
  5. RESILIENCE- A Harrellian can easily cope with the challenges of life with strength and determination.
  6. HUMILITY- A Harrellian…

 admits and learns from his/her mistakes.

 is humble at all times.

 acknowledges the nothingness of human strength, thusapart from God, he is nothing.



  1. Spiritual and Character Development Skills
  2. Self-Management Skills
  3. Social and Cooperative Skills
  4. Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Information Technology Skills
  7. Thinking Skills and Creativity
  8. Knowledge Application Skills
  9. Environmental AwarenessSkills
  10. Health and Physical Development Skills
  11. Cultural Development Awareness Skills