Towards the formation of a totally integrated person equipped with essential values, skills and knowledge, we shall design programs that is in parallel with the following core values:


  1. Love for God - Inculcate a well-balanced values and faith through: 
    1. Providing an ecumenical spiritual formation.
    2. Encouraging dynamic participation in spiritual activities.
    3. Giving opportunities for active community involvement and exposure.
  1. Service for Others - Promote Harrellian Values through:
    1. Animating school-community life with Harrellian values of Love, Service, and Wisdom.
    2. Facilitating deeper understanding that reaches out for God’s word.
    3. Instilling sincere concern for the preservation of the environment.
    4. Encouraging empathy to the less privileged.
  1. Wisdom - Harrellian students are identified through the “Three B’s”:
    1. Beauty - It is not only on the outward appearance, but what matters most is the inner labyrinth of the heart and soul that acknowledges God as the Supreme source of Love.
    2. Brain- It is not head knowledge alone but the actual manifestation through deeds that has wisdom.
    3. Breeding- This refers to having a well-rounded personality and flexibility to adapt in any strata of society.