Curriculum & Instructions Features

The K-12 Curriculum thrust is in the development of the total and holistic development of each child putting emphasis on the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) thru progressivist approach.

  • Students actively participate in their own learning through encountering in real life situation in which they get real and first hand information.
  • Progressivist approach is process-oriented. Learning is integrated across discipline.
  • Concepts are presented as questions to the investigation.
  • Students are trained to think critically.

Feature Programs: Grades 1 to 6

  • Adoption of Reggio Emilia in Grade 1 to Grade 3.
  • Financial Literacy program by Cha-Ching thru JA Asia Pacific and Prudence Foundation.
  • Robotics classes by Data Science and Technology Corporation.
  • Applied Music Subject.