As part of our advocacy for Quality Education, we are strictly implementing the following policies for admission:


1. Preschool Application

Age requirements of preschool applicants (birth i.e.birth dates up to the month of December) is given consideration depending on previous schooling, observed readiness during testing and the test results. The following discusses the chronological classification of children based on age level:

            Nursery                       3 – 3½ years old

            Pre-Kinder                   4 – 4½ years old

            Kindergarten               5 – 5½ years old (at least by June)




Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten applicants must take the readiness or placement test. They are given one year to meet the prescribed standards of the school for academic skills, work habits and attitudes. If they are unable to show readiness for the next level, further assessment and evaluation will be done, and enhancement program is required.

These are some of the skills thatstudents must be able to express during the assessment: The child must be independent; He/she must be able to eat by himself; He/she should be able to communicate his needs clearly; He/she must be willing to come to school and to the classroom unaccompanied.



The child must have attended a complete school year in a recognized school for Pre-Kinder. He/she must undergo the HHIS Assessment or Placement Test.




Admission to HHIS is based upon the applicant's (student and parents) commitment to abide by the school's rules and regulations.

  1. Report Card/s must be brought for grades evaluation. A General Average of at least 83 to 85% but not lower than 81% in the Report Card is required for a student applicant to take the Entrance Exam.
  2. If the test results reveal a failing mark, the student is automatically placed on Academic Probation for two (2) quarters only. If during the second quarter he/she does not reach the minimum General Average Grade of 80% and the Conduct Grade of 83 % and above, within the school year, he/she will be given another consideration for the next school year provided the student will not incurr any record of major infractions or misdemeanour.
  3. If he/she passed the entrance exam with a conduct grade in his/her Report Card of 83% and above, then he /she is given the status of a regular student of Harrell Horne Integrated School.



Entrance Exam (computer-aided) is given from Monday to Saturday upon scheduled appointment. Test result will be released right after the examination. Releasing of test result is during office hours. If the scheduledentrance examination falls on an unexpected holiday/suspension of classes, ask or call up the Admissions Office for a new schedule. Verification of result thru telephone is highly discouraged. Test results will be held strictly confidential. The school reserves the right not to give interpretation of test results with failing marks.



A student is considered officially enrolled for the school year upon payment of his/her tuition and other fees and submission of the required admission documents as stated below, and is bound by the policy of the school once parents sign the registration forms. 



a) 2 latest colored ID (2x2) pictures

b) Photocopy of the following:

  • Birth Certificate (issued / certified by the National Statistics Office). For consistency of official records, parents are requested to use the names of their children as they appear in the Certificate of Live Birth (NSO) for all official records.
  • Marriage Contract of Parents

c) Letter of Recommendation from (previous school)



 Guidance counsellor

d) Original copy of latest Report Card / Form 138

e) Medical Certificate



Photocopy of the following documents:

a)  Statistics Records / Department of Health (if born in foreign countries)
b)  Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) and/or official receipt of latest Payment(with original for verification), or Identification Certificate number (ICN) from the Bureau of Immigration
c)  Latest passport
d)  Permit to study
e)  Complete scholastic record

 Additional Documents:

 Notarized Birth Certificate

 Notarized Parents’ Affidavit of Support

 Scholastic Records from SchoolsAttended

 Photocopy of Passport

 One (1) long white folder

 Processing fee for Study Permit and extension of Visa


e.1    A student will not be permitted to enrol unless he/she has fully settled his financial records during the previous school year.

e.2   Failure to enrol within the stipulated period will mean loss of slot in favor of waitlisted applicants.

e.3   A student who has been issued transfer credentials by Harrell Horne Integrated School but did not pursue his/her intention to enrol in another school should return all his/her transfer documents to the Registrar’s Office to re-activate his/her enrolment status.



  1. Currently enrolled students may seek re-enrolment for the next school year unless considered not eligible by school authorities.
  2. Accounts must be settled accordingly with the Finance Office prior to admission.
  3. Report Card must be submitted and stamped ENROLLED by the Enrolment Officer.
  4. ID card must be brought in for validation purposes.
  5. Students with academic/behavioral problems have to be accompanied by their parents or guardians for a scheduled conference with the School Principal or the Student’s Moderator before enrolment.



  1. If payment of school fees is via check, funds should be cleared on or before due date or examination schedule.
  2. Check payments for school fees will no longer be accepted two (2) weeks before the Final Examination schedule.
  3. Check payments will no longer be accepted for full or partial payment of outstanding school fees related to any request for school credentials, grades, and other documents and for payment of past due or old accounts.
  4. Check should be made payable to “Harrell Horne Integrated School”.



  1. Dishonored checks will incur a penalty of two thousand pesos (P 2,000.00) including applicable surcharges.
  2. Future payments will be in cash only for a period of two school years. Report cards may be withheld due to unpaid balances.
  3. In any case where the School has a reason to believe that a parent or drawer presented a dishonored check in bad faith, the School may, in addition to any collection efforts, refer the matter to the proper authorities for appropriate action.
  4. Check payments will no longer be accepted for a student with a record of dishonored checks.
  5. The student, parent or drawer of the check waives the requirement of notice of dishonor.



Students who are allowed to register or enrol after the scheduled registration period are granted a late registration and shall be made to pay the regular school fees regardless of the date of admission. In no case will tuition fees be reduced because of late registration, late admission and reduced instructional contact with the student.




  1. Upon submission of complete requirements for admission, the students hereby are officially allowed and accepted to enroll.
  • Upon signing the Certificate of Registration for Enrolment, students/parents/guardians are bound by the school policies that may be issued from time to time byHarrell Horne Integrated School and the duly constituted authorities.
  1. The student is considered to be officially registered/enrolled upon full payment of the required fees during
  2. No student will be admitted in class unless receipts of full payment of fees due upon enrollment are presented. Students who paid the reservation fee only at the start of classes will not be allowed to attend their classes.
  3. Payments for Reservation Fees are non-refundable and or non-transferable.


In authorized withdrawals, tuition charges and fees will be made in accordance with the following schedule:

  • A student who had been officially enrolled before the start of classes shall be entitled to a refund, witha twenty percent (20%) deduction of the total amount actually paid. Refund will be released after ninety (90) days regardless of whatever reason.
  • Pupils/students who have attended school for the first two quarters and have to drop from schooling will pay the full amount of the prescribed tuition and miscellaneous fees. The school reserves its rightto collect any balance due from them. 
  • Students who paid in full and has transferred or dropped is not entitled for a refund for both tuition and miscellaneous fees.



  1. Certifications, transfer credentials and recommendations should be requested through the Office of the Registrar. Allow at least (7) working days for processing.
  • A student withdrawing from enrolment during the school year due to illness, change
  1. of residence, relocation of parents’ job/assignments, or any justifiable reason, should:
  2. Inform the Principal in writing about the transfer or withdrawal, at least, one month before the date of effectivity (copy-furnished the Registrar)
  3. Accomplish the clearance form issued by the Office of the Registrar
  4. Request for necessary credentials upon presentation of accomplished clearance form.