What is it for my kids to enroll at HHIS Preschool?

Our instructional program and curriculum is very dynamic-adopting international standard and worldwide known approach in Literacy Program. We adhere to a Progressivist Philosophy of Education.

Our delivery mechanism:

  • Art based multi-sensory and creative way of introducing concepts and project based approach where each child's potentials in all aspects are being unleashed, the Reggio Emilia Way.
  • Possibilities Plan explores for distinct but related interest in their lives of children manifested in the weekly activities, centered on self, families, environment and the larger world of neighborhood and community.
  • Knowledege, understanding and doing is the core of the entire program and activities using the High Scope Approach.

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar is a literacy program developed in U.K. and is popular in Australia, Singapore and other countries. This literacy course will help your child:

  • Acquire and improve phonological awareness to promote early literacy and reading fluency;
  • Improve and deepen comprehension skills at an early age;
  • Acquire at an early preschool year the spelling and writing development;
  • Build strong foundation for the acquisition of L-2 or Second Language (English);
  • Improve pronunciation, vocabulary and oral language skills;
  • Acquire within their preschool years the knowledge and importance of punctuation and grammar skills.