Advent season as we all know is about waiting or preparation in the birth of Jesus Christ His coming as the father sent Him to be our redeemer. That was His first coming where we use to celebrate Christmas season. In this year 2020, where the whole world came didn't expect the catastrophic effect brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, thus, no one can say that we are “prepared” but all are in shock. The worldly celebrations and activities were put to a halt. This advent season is a different kind of preparation , might be of course, we still do prepare early the symbols of Christmas as a joyous season hoping that all the challenges we've been through, the Covid, the calamities can’t just be ignore but I would say these are the kind of advent preparation that is looking forward to the second coming of Christ. No one would claim when and the time He is coming back but it's all up to us how are we to be prepared. The message of advent is about great love of God for us! As what God the Father clearly gave His message in John 3:16; For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believed on Him will not die but have everlasting life. Many of us have been always uncertain as up to when these Covid ends! The doubts and fears are to be cast outs because Jesus already conquered death and He is coming soon. For me the advent preparation is the prepartion of our innermost being, our hearts our whole life as what the Lord desire to all us about salvation .More than the myriads of Christmas preparations Advent for this year 2020 must be so transformed, the renewing of our minds, our hearts that anytime any moment in our journey to life the only thing that is sure to come is that Jesus is coming back and the message of advent season is the great king of kings and the Lord of Lord already dwells in each snd everyone of us. What we only do is to let Him come in and be with us in our mind, heart and soul and that completes the advent season! Hope -that He is coming soon Peace -that We must live in harmony Love that heals all wounds and Joy because God is coming soon His second coming! “ For this reason you be ready too, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will” Matthew 24:44 Lets us make Advent a serious preparation! God bless us all.

School Director