Welcome to Herman Harrell Horne School for the School Year 2023-2024!

This Year, we give honor to the man who served as an inspiration, Prof. Herman Harrell Horne. The following will be implemented this school year as it approaches its 30th Founding Anniversary as part of our commitment to the ongoing program and growth of the school in numerous aspect:

 A. Instructional and Human Development Program

  1. ClassIn learning program- A groundbreaking platform where teachers and students can access resources for both online/offline learning.

With ClassIn, learning is possible whether online, hybrid, or in-person.

Uses and Relevance
  1. Set Competency and Define Metrics after a particular lesson, students will have to generate their learning competency.
  2. ClassIn will be used in the scheduled asynchronous sessions and when students can’t attend onsite classes due to bad weather.
  3. Teachers will use ClassIn inside and outside the classroom. Synchronously and Asynchronously to keep track of student’s learning progress and evaluate learning outcomes. Through ClassIn, teachers can achieve real-time audio and visual interaction in online, offline, and hybrid settings.
  4. Teachers will use ClassIn 5.0 in giving online activities such as a variety of formative tests to students for real-time feedback.
  5. If students are unable to attend their classes on time, they can utilize their computers and other devices to avoid missing lessons anywhere, at any time.

In a nutshell, ClassIn is a learning platform specifically created for classroom learning, anywhere, anytime, allowing students to constantly participate in their lessons or learnings even in unpredictable situations.



  1. LIEP/IELP (Learning Intervention Equivalence Program/Individualized Educational Learning Program)

Artificial intelligence may be both a threat and an asset, but in the early years of studying basic education, students must learn how to use their critical thinking and reasoning skills, which are essential for everyday life. Thus, HHHS embarks to implement the instructional programs beginning S.Y. 2023-2024. Thus, HHHS embarks to implement the instructional programs beginning S.Y. 2023-2024, which will cater to students who are challenged in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Building, and Spelling. Learning Intervention Equivalence Program will cater to one-on-one or a group of students with the same challenge or “At Risk”.


  1. Essential Well-Being Thru Applied Music – Our children and even adults have been traumatized catastrophically for over three years, and mental health problems are on the rise. Students may gain a lot from studying applied music, which is the practical study of the application of musical skills. The key advantages are:

  1. Cognitive Development: Learning and Playing music can enhance cognitive abilities in children, improve memory, attention span, problem-solving skills, and mathematical abilities.
  2. Emotional Development: Music can be a powerful tool for emotional expression. Playing an instrument or singing can provide an outlet for self-expression, creativity, and stress relief.
  3. Physical Coordination, Social Skills, Self-Discipline and Perseverance, Academic Performance, and Cultural Appreciation with the above and the overall well-being of students can be enhanced thru this Applied Music Program where they are all interconnected.
  1. The Leader in Me – This program helps students gain skills in self-reliance, initiative, goal-setting, time management, emotion control, consideration for others, persuasive argumentation, conflict resolution, finding original solutions, valuing differences, and leading balanced lives. The program enables children in gaining the knowledge and self-assurance they require to live fulfilling lives and achieve success in school and beyond.