Looking back to the year 1994. It all started not just as a dream but as a “holy burden” of a heart to provide basic and quality education and committed service, regardless of economic status in life, deserves a quality education.” For many are the plans in man’s heart; but it is the Lord’s purpose that will prevail” Proverbs 19:21. Thus, the Harrell Horne Learning Center came into reality, starting in a small model 36 two-bedroom whose location is just a stone's throw from the main thoroughfare of the Bahayang Pag-Asa subdivision known as Avenida Rizal. It is in this modest location where the vision became a reality. It is where suffering, disappointments become bearable. Wherein this vision, where hope generates, endurance, determination coupled with audacious, full of conviction, that whatever the heart calls it will happen and become a reality, where sight is the function of the eyes, but vision is the function of the heart, no matter what challenges!

Amidst challenges, The Harrell Horne Integrated School, from a small classroom slowly transformed having the hardest climb, with its peaks and valleys along the journey of uncertainties. The imagination of having a building to house the growing number of students and the clamor of parents served as the anchor to move on and dream the impossible. In the year 1998, the first academic four-storey building was erected and followed by the preschool building on a separate compound. A dream come true to build a haven for little children to have their place where they freely moved around. In 2006 another building was erected and the first admin building to house all the business offices and laboratories. Harrell Horne had set a milestone within her ten years of existence and slowly became a school of preference not only in the Bacoor area but also in the nearby municipalities. With the desire to provide quality education without sacrificing quality for the sake of cost, Harrell Horne braved the challenge of putting up a branch in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental in the year 2016, having given a great deal of thought that managing a school in a distant place posed a challenge where quality education provided in Cavite must also be provided in the branch.

HHIS dynamism became a trendsetter of a 21st century learning in the area having modest buildings and facilities became a byword in one year as a school where students were not only smart but equally excellent as well. The virtue of patience and determination made Harrell Horne carve a name as the Home of Champions both in the Cavite and Hinigaran branch. It was inspired by Prof. Herman Harrell Horne's philosophy, as an idealist and a great teacher, that man’s total formation cannot be achieved without constant reference to Christ and the gospel spirit of love, service, and wisdom. The first ten years of the Harrellian Education was indeed a feat, achieved its peaks where the upward graph manifesting what God has given birth for a purpose as He planned, where the substance of things hope to accomplish, the evidence of things we can see even when others cannot. With the strong support of our parents, the commitment and hard work of the entire management and staff, and with God as our fortress and refuge when the sailing is rough, the talents, skills, and abilities of our students have been recognized, allowing them to bring out their talents and abilities making them confident individuals, making them shine and their total well-being are developed.

The partnership with our parents as our co-partners is another factor in the fulfillment of our vision and mission. One of the greatest achievements of Harrell Horne Integrated School was in the year 2006, when Hope in Motion was conceived and selected students were allowed to travel to Singapore and America as ministry ambassadors of youth, partnering with "Church Strengthening Ministry" based in Houston and Oklahoma, Texas. Students had the opportunity to showcase their talents in singing and acting before different youth centers, care facilities, and event halls, where fellow Filipinos in the US were delighted to see Filipino children perform. It was a remarkable experience, and the full support of their parents is laudable. It was a lifetime experience for them to attend the biggest camp ever at Falls Creek in Oklahoma, where ten thousand youth and children attended and wowed them as they performed on stage.

Since its foundation up to the present HHIS amidst challenges, steadfastly an overcomer, a steadfast commitment, true to her mission and vision, the resilient spirit, the strong belief that values and character are the strong foundation to attain success. The victories in the various competitions in both academic or sports and other curricular activities are a manifestation that Harrellian lives are destined to bring God’s glory. The formation and trainings given to teachers for professional and spiritual development as well as the yearly parenting development program for parents and the regular spiritual formation of students both on their mental health and spiritual nurturing are the very core and heart of Harrellian education.

Harrell Horne Integrated School's 27th anniversary is a test of courage on how to face challenges and crises. The coronavirus shattered dreams and plans of many. The pandemic became the boulder in the road for development; various schools closed down, companies struggled, and other organizations globally, and HHIS is not exempted. To quote Martin Luther King” If you can’t fly then run, If you cannot run, then walk, If you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means, keep moving.

As the year 2021 started, Cavite province and Batangas were devastated by the sudden eruption of Taal volcano; classes had been halted for a month. Harrell Horne took part in the relief effort to reach out to those victims of Taal. But not long after classes resumed, the world was shocked by the great lockdown and pandemic. The spirit of resilience and flexibility made us survive for we walk by faith and not by sight.

We are celebrating our 28th founding anniversary with high hopes that we will SOAR in the fulfillment and steadfast covenant to our Creator and all our stakeholders. We will strengthen our faith, not grow weary. We will overcome difficulties and challenges, for God did not give us the spirit of fear but courage to move on. We will appreciate all the blessings, the talents, and abilities of our students and our teachers for us to shine and rise for God’s glory.





School Director's Message during the Celebration of the 28th Foundation Anniversary of Harrell Horne Integrated School


As we celebrate the 28th founding anniversary of our school, the Harrell Horne Integrated School, I would like to thank God almighty for His faithfulness through the years , that he never leave us in all the trials and victories of our school.

His love never fails and true to His promise in Jeremiah 29:11 “ For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a bright future.To all our parents who journey with us for more than a decade my sincere gratitude for believing and trusting Harrell Horne for the Basic Education of your children. To all our hardworking teachers and Staff, your committed service to the School is highly appreciated and valued.

To all students and Harrell Horne Alumni, the school take so much Pride of your achievement not only in your chosen career but as a person who are grateful to God who is the giver of everything. Indeed your creed become alive of the lives you are having and how you put in mind the lessons you’ve learned not only in your academics but the true value of a person of worth.


The pandemic and the crisis we’ve been through proves that Harrellians are like eagles, courageous to face challenges and able to adjust and be flexible in every situation and the strength to move on and look forward to what is ahead. Your loyalty to God and acknowledge that your existence is a grace from HIM. Your dedication to your family and to your studies. Our school like the eagle soars and have the commitment that what we have started will bring the fulfilment of your dreams and our vision mission in every lives of every Harrellian students.This pandemic simply manifest how we glide the storms of life and adjust ourselves to all the difficulties we have encountered. Thus, our 28th Foundation anniversary is our voice that we as Harrellians don’t know the word defeat. Every mistakes we made is an opportunity for learning to start again. Harrellians, we will SOAR, we will Strengthened our faith , We will overcome difficulties, We will appreciate all the blessings big and small and acknowledge ones talents and abilities for God’s glory! We will RISE and Shine and will not grow weary because our God is our fortress and refuge.Dear parents, students friends as we journey to our 28th year of existence let us all be forward looking that everything will come to pass and we will all be refreshed and spread our wings in the fulfilment of our vision to fly high and reach our every dreams .God bless us all and Harrell Horne Integrated School! Mabuhay!


School Director